The Process
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The Design Studio

Our Designers are able to provide Project Management and Design from inception to completion and can help you with the selection and purchase of cabinetry, counter tops, appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting, cabinetry hardware, paint schemes and color palettes and designs for floor and wall tile.

We also offer complete Interior Design Services. Our experienced interior designers are able to work with you on all the additional design decisions you may require. Packages start at $75/hour for residential rates.

The Process (in 4 easy steps)


Step 1: Studio Visit

There will be an initial meet and greet appointment at our Bayport studio where we discuss your ideas and get an understanding of your project and the scope of work required. If you have photos of the existing space, drawings or blue prints, please bring them as they will be helpful.

At this initial meeting we will:

  • Discuss options and show you cabinet door styles; stained wood and painted finishes; explain door and cabinet construction.
  • Go over the many accessories that can be added to your cabinetry.
  • Discuss appliances and fixtures.
  • Discuss the project budget.
  • If you want to proceed to step 2, we will collect a non-refundable design fee* and schedule a measure.

* Fees start at $500 and are determined by the scope of the project. One room is $500, 2 rooms $900 and 3 or more is $1250.


Step 2: The Measure

After the initial meet and greet the appointment is set to measure your project.

At this measure meeting we will:

  • Photograph and measure the project areas.
  • Make notes as to how you utilize the area or how you want to utilize the area.
  • We will make appliance suggestions.
  • Should you require a contractor, we can provide you with a list of qualified contractors with whom we and many of our satisfied clients have worked with.
  • We will collect the non-refundable design fee, if not already paid.

Many clients want to start the process here at the in-home measure and that is okay with us. Especially if you have been looking and shopping showrooms and already have an idea of what you want. We will still collect the design fee and do our own site measurement.


Step 3: Finalizing Plans

This next meeting will take place in the studio, your home or in some circumstances done virtually.

  • We will review the design drawings together. Revisions should be expected both in design and pricing based on the changes made as the project evolves. There may be several rounds of design revisions needed to get to the final design.
  • At the final meeting you will be provided with a floor plan and detailed elevation drawings for the contractor and the other trades people required for the project.
  • We will sign contracts outlining all the costs of the project and the payment schedule.

Custom designed cabinetry is paid in full prior to the order being placed with the manufacturer.

  • We will make an appointment with the chosen contractor to review the final plan at your home. Once the contractor signs off on the plans we will order the cabinetry.
  • We will be able to give you an estimated delivery week based on the current lead times from the manufacturer of your


Step 4: Cabinet delivery

  • We will coordinate with you and or your contractor to set up delivery into your home with our cabinet delivery service.
  • We are available during cabinetry installation to answer contractor questions and make job site visits during installation.
  • We are present for the template and installation of your counter tops if purchased through us.